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features while ensuring the safet▓y of local ecological system. Premier Wen goes to the Dingxi▓ potato trading center in Dingxi City,northwest China's Gansu Province,Oct. 17, 2009. "It is still the most deprived place in the country as many far▓mers make less than 1,200 yuan (176 U.S. dollars)▓ a year," he sai

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otato, which has become one of the▓ ways of attaining prosperity for local people. Cul▓tivated area for potatoes in this town reached 37,400 mu (2493.33 hectares) in 2008, accounting for 32 percent of the total area of Namling. A total▓ of 192,000,000 kg output of potatoes e▓arned 67.2 million yuan RMB (983.80 million U.S. dollars) for local farmers. (Xinhua Photo) Profile▓: Wang HeAssistant to Village Chief in Sanjie Village, Kangzhuang Town, Yanqing CountyHe graduated from th▓e Department of Political Science and Law at Beiji▓ng University of Agriculture.After gr▓aduation, he served as village official and▓ stay for another termAs one of the first batch of Be▓ijing鈥檚 college graduate village officials, Wang cam▓e to Sanjie Village, Kangzhuang Town, in 2006. During the past three years Wang transformed from a law graduate ▓into a sweet potato expert. Retaining his post as a village official upon expiration of his term, Wang made up his mind to car▓ry on the cause of promoting colorful sw▓eet potatoes.Scolding nearly made Wang quitWang is fro▓m a peasant family of Miyun County. "I was born and raised in the countryside," Wang said. He▓ believed that he is a rural boy and therefore capable of adapting to rural work more quickly tha▓n other college graduate village officials from cities. However, he soon

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